Welcome to the British Bung Company Ltd website.

We are a leading UK based manufacturer of traditional wooden cask closures for the brewing industry, situated in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

Traditionally the brewing industry has been our main focus, however we have the ability and knowledge to produce alternative products and subsequently have developed our position in other industries. From flag toggles to firework cores, we have worked with a number of customers on projects outside of our usual ground.

We manufacture a wide range of different products for ale brewers, but our leading products are Keystones and Shives.

The majority of our Keystones and Shives are compressed into a tapered shape. We do make turned Shives however to provide a larger selection of sizes but generally favour the compressed type. The great advantage of having a compressed cask closure is its ability to swell to the original un-tapered state when wet. This provides an extremely tight fit into the cask bush therefore eliminating the tendency to explode out of the cask and spill its contents. Many breweries we have spoken to have found this to be a problem with warm temperatures when using alternative products.